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Furnace & AC Service In Mt. Lebanon, Ross Township, Cranberry Township & Surrounding Areas.

From routine ac service and heating maintenance to emergency repairs, Wahl Heating & Cooling’s service department is ready to handle your heating, cooling, ventilation, and plumbing needs, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week!

Wahl’s Heat & AC services includes:

  • Gas and Oil furnaces, electric heaters, mobile home, and reznor units repair & maintenance.
  • Hot water, steam, oil boilers, baseboard heaters, & radiant heater repair & maintenance.
  • Air conditioners, heat pumps, & ductless mini-split units repair & maintenance
  • Packaged and light commercial units
  • Accessories:  Humidifiers, Air cleaners, Dehumidifiers, Solar Attic Fans, Ultra violet lights, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, in-duct smoke detectors
  • Thermostats and Comfort Controls, including wireless and smart thermostats
  • Water heaters:  Gas, electric, power vent, tankless, high efficiency
  • Plumbing:  Toilets, sinks, showers, drains, gas lines
  • Water purfication, and water softners
  • Electric Services:  repair, install, or update

Pricing: All repairs prices are provided up front, in writing for your consideration. All repairs are priced flat rate, so there are never any surprises. We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our service, that your satisfaction is guaranteed, or it’s on us!

Our heat and ac service technicians are rigorously screened, expertly trained, uniformed, licensed professionals. They will be dispatched to your home in clean, fully stocked vehicles, ready to serve you. Our employees wear shoe covers, use drop cloths, and follow all codes and safety requirements to keep you and your family safe. We even provide free safety inspections during our visits, checking for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. Your family’s safety is always our number one priority.

Our Precision Heating Tune-Up Procedures:

  • Adjust burners and operating pressures
  • Clean condensate drain and tubing
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Cycle unit from thermostat, test thermostat calibration
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Tighten electrical components
  • Test blower amp draws and inspect alignment
  • Test gas valve and inducer motor amp draws
  • Test blower motor capacitor
  • Measure gas manifold pressure
  • Test pressure switch
  • Ohms test hot surface igniter
  • Check flame sensor
  • Measure temperature change across heat exchanger
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger
  • Test safety controls
  • Safety Inspection: Electronically test for carbon monoxide & natural gas
  • Safety Inspection: Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Tag Emergency shut-off valves
  • Accessory Check:
  • Add or update service sticker

Our Precision Cooling Tune-Up Procedures:

  • Clean the outdoor condenser
  • Check/Clean condensate tubing and condensate drain
  • Test the compressor-start rotor amps and run load amps
  • Test the condenser fan motor and blade
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test the capacitor(s)
  • Test Safety Controls
  • Adjust operating pressures
  • Test Refrigerant: Subcool/Superheat, Liquid Line, Suction Line
  • Test Refrigerant: Measure the temperature drop across the evaporator coil
  • Visual inspection of evaporator coil and line-set
  • Cycle unit from thermostat, test thermostat calibration
  • Measure indoor airflow
  • Inspect blower alignment
  • Test relative humidity levels (adjust blower according to customer needs)
  • Visual inspection on furnace: Inspect blower condition
  • Accessory Check
  • Safety Inspection: Electronically test for carbon monoxide & gas leaks
  • Safety Inspection: Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Tag Emergency shut-off valves
  • Add or update service sticker

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