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After a long, hard day there is nothing better than unwinding in a relaxing, hot shower.  Imagine losing the simple pleasure of on-demand hot water and all the inconvenience this would bring to your daily routines.  Our busy lifestyles demand that hot water is ready and waiting when we need it and it isn’t until this day-to-day luxury is taken away, that we realize our system may no longer be meeting our needs.  We bring over 30 years’ experience from our family to yours, and are excited to help with your water heater repairs or system replacements.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when such a vital component of your household stops working.  You may be asking which water heater is right for you and your family. Rest assured that Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing will help you each step of the way choosing a system that will not only provides enough hot water for your entire family’s needs, but also one that will be energy efficient for your wallet.

We arehere to help you select which water heating system is perfect for your needs.  Take a look at our vast selection…

Conventional Storage Water Heaters – these heaters offer hot water in large amounts by storing it in a large tank on your property.  Many sizes are available, making it a traditional system for many homes.

Demand (Tankless or Instantaneous) Water Heaters – rather than storing large amounts of water, these wall-mounted units heat water directly without the storage tank; making them a  compact and energy efficient choice.

Heat Pump Water Heaters – these systems transfer heat from one place to another versus generating heat directly for providing hot water

Solar Water Heaters – these energy-saving units use the sun’s heat to provide hot water to your home.

Tankless Coil and Indirect Water Heaters – these units utilize the home’s space heating system to heat your water.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the unique options and systems available today.  Our experts are available to assess which option may work best for your particular home and needs.  Before making that important call, It is important to keep these considerations in mind when shopping for a water heater:

  • Fuel type, availability, and cost – the energy source you use for water heating not only affects the operation cost of your heater, but also its size and energy efficiency
  • Size – you need to properly size your unit according to the layout and size of your home in order to have enough hot water for all of your needs
  • Energy efficiency – we all want to maximize our cost and energy savings, so know how energy efficient a hot water heater is before you purchase it.
  • Costs – this goes beyond the initial cost of the unit you select.  Also try and estimate the annual operating costs to the system compared to other options.

We are constantly striving to provide the best service possible along with the highest quality of products to you, our valued customers.  WAHL FAMILY HEATING, COOLING, & PLUMBING is here to help guide you towards the best water heating system for your needs and your wallet. Let us help turn your home into a sanctuary for you and your family today!

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