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October is Shower Better Month

shower with flowing water and steamWant to reduce your water and energy bills?  Celebrate Shower Better Month!  This October, the Environmental Protection Agency reminds homeowners that you can save water and energy by replacing old showerheads with more efficient models.  

Showering is one of the largest sources of water use in the average home.  It accounts for nearly 17% of indoor water use!  Showers also use energy.  Every time we shower we use water and energy to heat and deliver the water to the showerhead.  

By simply updating your showerhead, you can save an average of 2,900 gallons of water and the amount of electricity needed to power a home for 13 days.  This equates to about $70 in energy and water savings per year for the average family!

Read more about Shower Better Month on the EPA’s WaterSense website here.  You can also contact our professional plumbing technicians for more information on how you can improve your home’s water efficiency.  We offer complete repair and installation services.  Call 1-855-GET-WAHL today.

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