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Causes of Poor Office Indoor Air Quality

Everyone has off days at work, but you shouldn’t feel sluggish and down all the time. You’ve probably heard that different ways of decorating can affect the ways employees feel in the office, but did you know that the air itself can affect them too? The causes of poor office indoor air quality have bigger effects on your productivity and health than you may think.poor-office-indoor-air-quality-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbing

Causes of Poor Office Indoor Air Quality

  • Chemical Pollutants: These include tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and fumes that come from office products like furniture, walls, carpets, and cleaning products.
  • Particles: Dust, pollen, dirt or other particles can irritate allergies and leave employees feeling ill. You’ll often be able to see these when sunlight shines through a window and illuminates the particles.
  • High Humidity: No one wants to feel sticky or sweaty while working. High humidity levels not only contribute to discomfort but also can allow mold and other biological contaminants to grow in the office.
  • Poor Ventilation: If there is not a good ventilation system to carry air in and out of the building, employees could be stuck breathing in stale air, which can negatively affect their health.
  • Space of Furniture: If furniture is too close together, it limits airflow and can lead to poor office indoor air quality.
  • Temperature: Keeping the office too warm or cold can affect the humidity levels and lead to an abundance of dust and other harmful particles in the air.

Having poor office indoor air quality can negative effects on productivity and employees’ health. Make sure the air in your office is conducive to a healthy work environment with help from Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We can help install air purifiers and HVAC systems that help keep your office’s air clean and safe. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at 412-276-9245.

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