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Central AC Vs. Window Unit: Which is Right For You?

Looking to stay cool this summer but not sure which type of air conditioner to buy? Since heating and cooling account for almost 50% of expenses in an average home, it’s important to find the best unit to meet all … Continue reading

HVAC Tips For Your Fourth Of July BBQ

Fourth of July is right around the corner and it’s perhaps the biggest barbecue weekend of the year! If you’re hosting an Independence Day celebration, make sure that your plumbing and air conditioning systems are in good working order. There’s … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Buying an Air Conditioner

School’s out, the beach is open and travel plans are beginning! Everyone loves the summer– or at least they do until the first big heat wave strikes. Don’t let the scorching summer days get you down. Make sure you’re prepared … Continue reading

Diagnosing HVAC Sounds

Hearing a strange noise coming from your air conditioner?  Separating the common buzz from an unusual clank can be difficult. If you find yourself wondering, “Is that sound normal?,” diagnose your sounds with the following guide: Squeaking or screeching: Squealing … Continue reading

Plumbing Tips For Summer

Happy first day of summer! The warmer months are a prime time for plumbing problems to rear their ugly head. Protect your property from a serious summer plumbing breakdown by following these tips. Clean Up After Your Barbecue: Summertime is … Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

The first day of summer is just a few days away — is your family ready for the summer heat? Here are a few tips to help you reduce your air conditioning bill and keep your home cool for less. Tips to … Continue reading

How to Prep Your Home for Your Summer Vacation

Planning a summer vacation? After you purchase your plane tickets and pack your bags, you’ll want to also make sure that your home is safe and secure while your away. These tips will help you prep your home for your summer … Continue reading

How to Prep Your Home For Your Memorial Day Weekend Party

Memorial Day will be here before you know it – are you planning a weekend celebration? As you start to prep for your outdoor BBQ with friends and family, make sure that your home is ready for the summer too. … Continue reading

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn On?

When the warm weather hits, air conditioning is a household essential.  But what happens when your air conditioner won’t turn on?  Before you panic – here are a few reasons why you might be having trouble turning your air conditioner on … Continue reading

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Looking to install a new air conditioning system this summer?  It’s important that you choose the right sized unit to cool your home comfortably and efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right air conditioning unit … Continue reading

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