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Getting Your Home Ready for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and we know that you’re all excited for the unofficial start of summer! If you’re planning on having guests over to BBQ this weekend, here are a few things you should do to make sure your home is as ready to celebrate as you are.

Clean the Outdoor Furniture

No one wants to sit on furniture that still has winter grime on it. Wipe down your furniture with some all-purpose cleaner, and make sure it passes the white shorts test — sit on it in white shorts, and see if there’s anything on your clothing when you get up.

Flush the Drainsmemorial-day-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbing

There’s going to be a lot of people going in and out of your bathroom, washing their hands
. Flush your drains with some baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water to get rid of any clogs that could be brewing.

Check Your Disposal

BBQing means you’re going to have a lot of food scraps. Ensure your disposal is running properly, and run it with some ice cubes and lemon juice to clean it. And remember — don’t pour any grease or fibrous foods down there when cooking!

Check the Gas Lines

If you’re using a propane BBQ, make sure all the gas lines are tight and working properly. Leaking gas can pose serious threats to your weekend and health, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

Change Your Air Filters

If it becomes too hot to be outside, guests will retreat into your home to relax. Changing your air filters on your HVAC unit ensures that you and your guests will be breathing clean air and that your unit will be running more efficiently.

If you need help getting your home ready for Memorial Day, or if you need emergency services day of, contact Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC and plumbing services for homes in the Pittsburgh metro area and are always there when you need us. We’ve been around since 1980, so call us at 412-276-9245.

How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

With summer coming up, you’re probably going to have a lot of people over your house to enjoy the nice weather. That’s all good and well until your garbage disposal clogs from all your cooking scraps or your bathroom sink won’t drain. Not to worry — you can avoid a plumbing disaster with a few preventative

Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Disposal

Keep your kitchen sinks clog free and dispose of cooking oil and oily foods elsewhere. Oil can solidify in your disposal, clogging and potentially even damaging it. Pour the oil into a can, allow it to solidify, and throw it away instead.

Use Inexpensive Hair Traps

Ladies — you know full well how much hair you shed when you shower. If you let it flow down the drain, you risk forming a pretty gross clog. Invest in cheap plastic or metal traps that catch hair and allow for easy clog prevention.

Use Baking Soda Treatments

You don’t need to use harsh, store-bought chemicals to keep your drains clog-free. Once a month, sprinkle ¼ cup of baking soda with a splash of water in your sink and tub drains. Pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain, and let the mixture sit a few hours or overnight. Flush it out with hot water, and you have an easy DIY drain treatment.

Go Easy On Faucet Handles

It may be habit to turn your faucet handles tightly to make sure the water is totally off, but you may be doing more harm than good. Turning them too tightly wears down the washers more quickly. Only turn the handle as far is goes without force to avoid leaks.

If you do end up with a plumbing disaster, contact Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We are your one-stop shop for all of your home plumbing needs and offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services. If you need us, we’ll be there — so call 412-276-9245.

Five AC Noises and What They Mean

Clang, clang, clang, went the trolley! Just kidding — it’s your AC. Since today’s air conditioners are the quietest ever, strange noises coming from your unit are rarely a good sign. And you shouldn’t try to argue that the noises don’t bother you, and you don’t need to fix them because minor issues now can turn into bigger problems if they aren’t dealt with. (There’s a life lesson in there, just saying.) Different sounds can mean different issues, so match these AC noises to your problem.


You have a loose or broken part inside the compressor. It could be a connecting rod, a piston pin, crankshaft, or other parts that would need to be repaired, or it could also mean that our compressor needs to be replaced.


This is another telltale sign that your AC has a loose or missing part. The parts inside your unit or your compressor itself may have come loose or failed. It could also be a sign that the indoor or outdoor blower fans are out of balance and are hitting other parts in the unit. Don’t ignore these issues — they’ll get way worse as time goes on.


Some clicking when your AC turns on and off is fine, but constant clicking is not a good sign. It could be a sign of a defective control panel or failing thermostat. Since there a lot of electrical parts involved in your unit, pay close attention to clicking sounds.


A ton of things could cause your outdoor unit to make buzzing sounds, such as: loose parts, dirty condenser coils or filters, a bad or out-of-balance blower or fan blades, debris in the unit, or leaking refrigerant.


If your AC sounds like something out of a horror movie, turn it off, and call an HVAC technician right away. Screaming noises can be a sign of a refrigerant leak, which can damage your unit and pose health risks to your family.

If you’re in need of air conditioning repairs, you need Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We provide precision cooling tune-ups to keeping your AC working well and your energy bills low. For help with your cooling units, call us at 412-276-9245.

Ways to Save on Your AC Bill

Temperatures keep rising as summer gets closer, and before you know, you’ll be trying to crank your AC way up to keep your home cool and comfortable. But without the right practices, cranking your AC could cost you a good chunk of change on your energy bill. Before you go throwing your entire paycheck out the window, follow these tips for ways to save on your AC bill.

Keep the AC Low at Night

Outdoor temperatures drop at night, and so should your AC. Turning it down while you’re sleeping will cause it to run less and not cost you as much on your bills.

Use Window Units

Don’t cool your entire home if you don’t have to. Window or portable units can use up to 50% less energy than central air systems.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If any of your furniture is blocking your AC vents, your unit will have to work harder to pump cold air throughout your home. Consider moving your couch, bed, or dresser to keep the space around your vents

Watch Your Lighting

Sure, turning off your indoor lighting helps reduce heat production, but how much light are you letting in via your windows? While the sun is shining onto your home, keep the shades closed to block heat from entering and counteracting your AC unit’s efforts.

Service Your Unit

The smallest amount of maintenance can have big benefits on your AC unit. Whether you do it yourself or call the pros, a simple vacuuming, filter change, or tune-up can make a world of difference in your unit’s efficiency and your AC bill.

If you’re in need of air conditioning service or repair, you need Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We provide precision cooling tune-ups to keeping your AC working well and your energy bills low. For help with your cooling units, call us at 412-276-9245.

Common Toilet Problems

Throwback to the days of outhouses and public restrooms for the entire town. Except we’re sure no one misses those days and that you’re all very glad to have indoor plumbing and private bathrooms with your own toilets. As wonderful and convenient as they are, toilets can break down or get damaged from time to time, leaving you wondering what could be wrong with them. Here are some of the most common toilet problems and their causes.

Water on the Floor Around the Toilet

Moisture on your floor could damage your tile or subfloor, so this is a problem you’ll want to diagnose sooner rather than later.

  • Check the toilet’s connections — the tank bolts, fill valve, and supply tube coupling — to make sure they’re all tight and not leaking.
  • See if there’s water dripping from the outside of the tank. Condensation could be a sign of improper ventilation.
  • Make sure the wax ring around the base of the toilet isn’t cracked. If it is, you’ll need to replace it.
  • If the toilet tank is cracked, you’ll need to get a new tank altogether.

The Toilet Won’t Flush

This could be caused by a malfunctioning part in the tank.toilet-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbing

  • See if the handle is too loose or tight.
  • Make sure the lift arm is straight, not bent.
  • Check if the connection between the lift arm and lift chain is properly aligned, and adjust it if it’s not.

The Toilet Won’t Flush Completely

If this is happening with your toilet, there could be a few causes.

  • There may too much slack on the chain.
  • Your tank may have too low of a water level.
  • The flapper may not be the right model for your toilet.

If your toilet is acting up, there’s only one thing for you to do — #GetWahl. The trained plumbers at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can help you keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly. If something does go wrong, we have 30 plus years of experience and are confident that we can solve even the toughest plumbing problems.


If you’re in need of plumbing services in the Pittsburgh Metro area, contact us at 412-276-9245.


Why Choose Us

It’s no secret that there are plenty of HVAC and plumbing companies out there for homeowners to call when they need help with a broken AC or a leaky faucet. So how do you decide which company is the best for your home? Simply put, you look at who the company is and what they stand for. The ideology of an HVAC or plumbing company affects the service they provide you, which is why we, here at Wahl, have plenty of reasons why you should choose us for home service needs.

We add a personal touch.

Unlike some companies, the Wahl family is involved with every aspect of our business. For example, John Wahl is not simply our founder and president — he’s also our sales manager. By being involved and adding a personal touch to our business, we are better able to guarantee your satisfaction with our service.

We are licensed and insured professionals.

We give you peace of mind by being fully licensed and insured in every service we provide. We rigorously screen our technicians to make sure we only hire the best people for the job, and once they’re hired, our employees are certified, trained, and given a proper uniform to ensure professionalism. They even wear shoe covers and use drop clothes to keep your home choose-us-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbingas clean as they found it.

We’re a team.

At Wahl, we believe in treating our employees like family and taking care of them. By instilling this ideology, our employees go the extra mile to take care of you and your family. We’re proud of their dedication to our business and customers and thank each of them for being such great members of our team!

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry.

We are proud to say that we’re a certified Trane Comfort Specialist — especially since less than 5% of Trane dealers qualify for the program. This certification proves that we’re a high-standard dealer that is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best quality customer service and employee training. We also have an A+ rating with the BBB!

At Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing, we hold our company to the highest of standards and expect nothing but the best from ourselves and our employees. Our dedication to our customers is second to none, so why not choose us? For more information on HVAC and plumbing services, or to schedule a service, call us at 412-276-9245.

How to Detect Carbon Monoxide

They call it the silent killer for a reason. Odorless, colorless, and tasteless, carbon monoxide can seep into your home and cause your family health problems without you even realizing it. Even though most homes are required to have carbon monoxide detectors, it’s important to know how to notice a potential leak in your home.

Check High-Risk Areas

Because of its lack of noticeable qualities, carbon monoxide can be hard to detect, so it’s important to start carbon-monoxide-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbingchecking for leaks by looking at typical areas they would occur. Make sure your appliances are well-ventilated, since using them in enclosed spaces can lead to dangerous emissions (i.e. an idling car in your garage.) Also inspect your gas lines for any tears, holes, or other damage that could result in carbon monoxide leaks.

Check for Symptoms

Those suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning often have flu-like symptoms, indigestion, headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness. Since these are all symptoms of regular illnesses, check to see who has them. One person’s symptoms may not be indicative of CO poisoning, but an entire household having those symptoms probably is.

Check Your Home

Your home itself could give you some clues if carbon monoxide is present. A stale, stuffy smell in your home is always a solid warning sign, as is a burning odor. That smell might not be from the CO itself, but it could be the result of other harmful gasses leaking into your home from malfunctioning appliances. Watch your gas stove for problems as well. Be wary if the pilot light is constantly going on and if the normally-blue flames are turning yellow, as this could also be a sign of leaking carbon monoxide.

CO presence is a serious problem that can dangerously affect your family, so check your detector regularly to ensure it is working properly. If you’re in need of a new carbon monoxide detector, call Wahl Family, Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We’ve been serving the Pittsburgh metro area since 1980, so you can trust us with all your home service needs. For more information, call us at 412-276-9245.

Prepping Your AC for Spring

After a rough winter, it’s surprising to see the spring weather getting so warm so quickly.  Soon enough, it will be time to turn on your AC to help deal with the burning summer heat. Since you shouldn’t (read: can’t) just flip a switch and start up your unit after so many months of having it off, follow these tips for prepping your AC for spring.

Replace the Filters

This is the easiest step. If your filters are dirty or clogged, your unit won’t be able to run efficiently, if at all, and will end up costing you more in energy bills. Not to mention, you’ll be circulating dust to your home. Replace your filters before you start up your AC.

prepping-your-ac-for-spring-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbingClean the Condenser Coils

On central AC units, the condenser is usually located outside and looks like a giant fan inside a metal box with grilles on the side. The coils are under the fan, so remove the grilles, and use a soft brush on a vacuum to get debris off of the coils. It’s very important to not bend the fins, so you may want to call the professionals for this job.

Clean Away Debris

Scoop out leaves that may be on or in your unit, and use a vacuum and rag to clean the fan’s blades. Oil any motorized parts, reassemble the condenser, and cut away any weeds that may interfere with the airflow of your AC.

Check the Coolant Lines

The refrigerator pipes that run from your air handler to your condenser are usually wrapped in foam insulation to prevent energy waste. If you notice any areas where the foam is torn, worn down, or missing, replace it by wrapping the lines with foam insulation tape.

If you’re prepping your AC for spring and notice it isn’t running properly, contact Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We can perform AC maintenance or repairs for you in a timely manner, so you can stay cool in your home. For HVAC help in your home, call us at 412-276-9245.


Saving Energy in Spring

Spring is finally here! Well, it finally feels like spring at least. While you might be thrilled to finally be able to go outside without wearing 12 layers of clothing, you might also be worried about your energy bills. Most homeowners think warmer weather means cranking the AC and getting higher energy bills each month, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Follow these tips for saving energy in your home this spring.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This can lower your heating and cooling bills by letting you adjust your home’s temperature to be at your exact comfort level. Plus, you can also set it to be off while you’re not home, so you don’t waste energy or saving-energy-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbingmoney.

Use Sunlight to Your Advantage

Instead of having the lights on, just pull back your curtains, and let the sun shine in. It costs nothing to use natural light to brighten up your home, so take advantage of it.

Use Power Strips to Cut Electric Costs

Phantom energy usage is a real thing, so plug your appliances and electronics into power strips, and turn the strip off when you’re not home or aren’t using the devices. This can save you big money in the long run.

Reduce Your Water Usage

Switching to low-flow showerheads and faucets can save you plenty of money on your water heating bills. Beyond that, little things like cutting your shower time and turning off the faucet while washing your hands can also make big differences.

Have a Technician Inspect Your HVAC Unit

Scheduling regular maintenance can ensure that your unit is running properly and not costing you extra money on your energy bill due to inefficiency.

Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has been serving the Pittsburgh metro area since 1980 and makes it a priority to provide you with the best home service experience possible. For more information on cutting your energy costs, or for HVAC or plumbing help, call us at 412-276-9245.

Spring Maintenane Checklist

It’s technically been spring for a couple of weeks now, and that means it’s time for some spring cleaning. But where do you start? Before you tackle tedious tasks like cleaning out your closets and dusting every inch of your home, take a few minutes to check these important items off your spring maintenance checklist.

Check Your Roof

The winter cold and snow might have done a number on your roof these past few months. Now that it’s nice and sunny, take a stroll around your home, and inspect your shingles. If you notice that any shingles are torn, buckled, or missing, you should get them repaired or replaced right away. Damaged or missing shingles can make for leaks, water damage, and even unwelcome critters in your home.

Check Your Outdoor Faucetsspring-maintenance-checklist-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbing

If the pipes inside your home can freeze while being protected by walls and indoor heating, then the pipes on the outside of your home have an even rougher time. Check your hose faucets for damage by running the water and placing your thumb over the opening. If you can stop the water flow, the pipe supplying the water is probably frozen and will need to be replaced.

Service Your HVAC Units

Once it gets warm outside, it’s time to turn off your furnace and turn on your AC. When performing either of these tasks, you should call an HVAC technician to inspect and service your unit to ensure it is in tip-top shape for the road ahead. There’s nothing worse than going to turn on your AC on a hot day, only to realize that it isn’t working.

Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing can provide your home with quality, affordable HVAC maintenance in the Pittsburgh metro area. We can even help you with those frozen hose faucets if you need us. For a happy home this spring, #GetWahl, and call 412-276-9245.

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